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Why Thor Dri Works

Genesis in Fire

Thor Dri is born of fire and water. The ore is found only in areas where volcanic activity has taken place. The ore is a compound of potassium sodium aluminum silicate. Rapidly heating the ore to temperatures of about 900°C (1,700°F) softens the volcanic glass causing entrapped water molecules in the rock to turn to steam and expand the particles like popcorn. The expanded particles that result are actually clusters of minute, lightweight, insulating, glass bubbles. Broken bubbles and surface openings on the particles provide for water, oil, liquid chemical and air holding capacity especially important in horticultural uses and spill clean-up.

Crushed expanded particles present a maze of microscopic pathways that can be used to fi­lter and clean a wide array of liquids, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. Sophisticated manufacturing techniques allow the expansion and collection of individual bubbles (grading), which are used as fi­llers or extenders for a wide variety of products. Thor Dri can be used to control and clean up liquid spills, and to provide rapid deodorization and dehydration of animal waste liquids.


We define sustainability as a process of decision making and actions to bring about resource conservation, ecologically friendly conditions, and social benefits for today and the future. Thor Dri products help protect the land and waterways by:

  • absorbing accidental releases of oil and chemicals
  • filtering storm water runoff
  • protecting waste piles, and
  • managing industrial runoff.

Thor Dri products can be used in horticulture as a soil substitute helping to preserve the world’s topsoil. Known reserves of raw ore are plentiful. Over 60 years only 1% of the reserve has been used, and the industry actively mines less than 8 square miles (ore is found close to the surface). Environmental impact studies are conducted to ensure minimal disturbance of flora, fauna, and bio-ecology, and archeological sites. Mine waste is minimal, and processing uses no chemicals. Shipping costs for Thor Dri products are reduced due to the lighter weight of the products.