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What is Thor Dri?
THOR-DRI is a natural mineral based universal spill absorbent for industry.

Why Thor Dri?

It provides a quick and low-cost method for efficiently acting as the first line of defense for any spill, including oils and hazardous or toxic waste.

Is Thor Dri really better? 

YES.  Thor Dri has higher absorbency and lighter weight.  It's also not hazardous.  Absorbing over 20X its weight in oil and has 5X the absorption capacity compared to the leading oil dry product on the market. 

The porous light weight composition reduces transportation, storage and hazardous waste disposal costs up to 80%.

What are the Health and Safety issues?
Most important, Thor Dri in NOT a Crystalline Silica based product.  Crystalline Silica is the main ingredient for other commonly sold 'kitty litter' type loose absorption products. 

CS is currently under extreme OSHA pressures to be dis-allowed in the workplace due to cases indicating CS causes Cancer, COPD, and Kidney Disease.

What are the a application methods?
The application method for other competing products requires loose absorbent to be left on the ground for extended periods of time, increasing the probability of slip and fall accidents or airborne particulate impact.  Thor Dri does not... It is a faster, reusable and non slippery product.

Does Thor Dri product have slip/fall concerns?  
Yes.  All spills involving oil, chemical and wet ground have spill fall concerns..  BUT.... Thor Dri absorbs 100%, often even pulling newly spilt stains from the ground when wire scrubbed.

Alternative products have been proven to leave an oil film behind, even creating a worse slip risk to do their citrus, fruit peels, or other cleaning additives that create new issues during their use.

What products can Thor Dri absorb?
Oils, Fuels, Hydraulic Fluids, Anti-Freeze, Greases, Solvents, Paint
Important Note: HAZARD! This product is NOT to be used with Hydrofluoric ACID

Is Thor Dri prone for mold?
No. Thor Dri is resistant.

How does Thor Dri's light weight help? 
Reduced media weights (lighter spill cans) will improve safety for workers' materials handling. Lighter products that have equal or better performance decreases worker injury potential.

What is Thor Dri made of?  (the science stuff)
Thor Dri is a naturally occurring siliceous rock that expanded 4 to 20 times its original size when rapidly heated to approximately 1,800 °F. Factually, expanded Thor Dri is a heat treated "popped rock" that is inert, lightweight, sterile, non-degradable, noncombustible, asbestos-free, non-toxic, rot resistant, vermin proof, and has a neutral pH.

What industrial "off label" applications of Thor Dri? (Fun Fact)
Thor Dri we've been told is being used used as a filler, extender and texturizing agent in numerous products. It displaces expensive resins and reduces unit weights. Thor Dri's filler applications include caulks, textures, paints, polishes, and hand cleaners. Additional uses include filtration, waste water treatment, oil clean-up, sludge solidification, and shipping dunnage and adsorbent.