5x More Absorbent Power... Thor Strong!

Highly Absorbent, Naturally Reusable, Safe and Strong .

Thor-Dri Oil & Chemical Absorbent 30lb Bag
  • Versatile

    Use Thor-Dri to absorb oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze, grease, solvents, and paint. Do NOT use with hydrofluoric acid.

  • Safe & Powerful

    Made from a naturally occuring mineral, Thor-Dri is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and exceeds OSHA standards.

  • No Mess

    Thor-Dri leaves your floors clean and dry. Just pour Thor-Dri around the spill, vigorously brush the area, and sweep up.

  • Reusable

    After using, simply return the used product to the storage container and combine it with unused absorbent for re-use. 

Become An Authorized Distributor

As an authorized distributor you have the opportunity to provide a top quality product to your customers while bringing in increased revenue to your company through exclusive distributor pricing from Thor-Dri.

Be Spill-Ready.

Don't wait until after it happens. Be prepared for spills of all kinds with Thor-Dri. Easy to use, easy to clean, Thor-Dri will be your go-to product for spill clean-up.

Perfect for any size spill

Whether you have a small spill in your shop or station, or a massive spill on the road, we are the perfect solution for easy, efficient clean-up.

Easy to use, easy to clean.

Just apply the product generously around the perimeter of the spill, then lightly over the surface. Aggressively work the product towards the center until all the spill is absorbed. When surface is clean, sweep up the product. It's that easy!

Buy more, Save more!

Thor-Dri can be purchased by the bag, by the pallet, or as bulk bags.

Unlimited Clean-Up Applications